William Worden

I am a 6th year graduate student studying low-dimensional geometry and topology under Dave Futer. My interests include hyperbolic 3-manifolds & their triangulations, commensurability of 3-manifolds, and experimental mathematics. In my current research I am studying veering triangulations of hyperbolic mapping tori, with an emphasis on experimental methods.

About me:

Current Teaching:

None -- on dissertation completion grant

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Contact info:

Temple University

Department of Mathematics

517 Wachman Hall

1805 N. Broad St.

Philadelphia, PA 19122


Publications & Preprints:

W. Worden, Experimental statistics of veering triangulations, to appear in Experimental Mathematics, arXiv:1710.01198

    supporting materials (code, data, etc)

C. Millichap and W. Worden, Hidden symmetries and commensurability of 2-bridge link complements. Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 285 (2016), No. 2, 453–484. DOI: 10.2140/pjm.2016.285.453; arXiv: 1601.01015 [math.GT]

W. Worden, Iterations of quadratic polynomials over finite fields. Involve, a Journal of Mathematics 6-1 (2013), 99-112. DOI: 10.2140/involve.2013.6.99; arXiv: 1201.4528 [math.NT]

Upcoming Events/Talks:

Geometry and Topology Seminar, University of Sydney, March 8 2018

Geometry/Topology Seminar, Rutgers - New Brunswick, April 10 2018

Thin Groups in Number Theory, Geometry, and Topology, Rice University, May 14-18 2018

Links to my CV, Research statement, and Teaching philosophy statement.